Scassa srl was constituted in 1976, when the charter member Scassa Gianfranco set up a factory to produce aluminium window and door frames. Near the end of the 80's the Beach and Pool Equipment Division was created in order to produce beach equipment, in particular sunbeds and cabins for beach and pool.

With a great experience in the manufacturing of aluminium and thanks to the consolidated partnership with extruders and anodized aluminium companies, Gianfranco designed, patented and realised his first models of sunbeds, going on with higher and higher quality models.

Since the beginning, the distinctive mark of his sunbeds is an aluminium extrusion of the frame, which is specifically extruded with a mould that belongs to the company. The frame has also a supporting structure inside which makes the sunbeds extremely strong and resistant to every kind of stress.

A very new product in the Italian market, designed and patented at a national and international level by Scassa, is the Austro sunbed, provided with a special device which permits the customer to change the fabric manually, without sending the sunbed to the supplier to replace the fabric with the appropriated machinery.

For the bathing establishments and the water parks, which constantly use these products and often have to change the damaged fabric, this exclusive type of sunbed permits to save money on transport and maintenance costs, giving the opportunity to put the damaged sunbed into operation even in high season.

Our company pays particular attention to the selection of the materials that compose our products in order to guarantee a long duration and a great resistance to the corrosion caused by atmospheric agents, chlorine and salt.

In 2005, our company certified its own management system according to the legislation UNI EN ISO 9001.

With this certification, our company aimed to get useful instruments to guarantee our own reliability, to manage and certify a control system of the business processes, to activate a policy for a continuous improvement, setting the quality and the total satisfaction of our customers as its primary purpose.

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Eolo Sunbed

Category: Sea Collection

168,00 VAT included

Eolo Sunbed model

Timeline for shipping: 5 working day(s)
Shipping on: 18 Dec 2019


Tramontana Deckchair

Category: Sea Collection

110,00 VAT included

Tramontana model
Adjustable back 

Timeline for shipping: 5 working day(s)
Shipping on: 18 Dec 2019